Mulberry Tillie Bag

Mulberry Tillie bag

After the huge success of the gorgeous ‘Alexa’ bag for S/S ’10, Mulberry very cleverly decided to re-launch the same style for their current winter season in dark hues, which has kept fashion editors happy, and celebrities pandering for more; and of course, Alexa Chung who the bag was respectively named after – has been seen sporting them throughout the seasonal changes.

To be honest anyone who knows me knows how much of a Mulberry fan I am; the fabulous girlie cuts of the clothing and fun statements prints always put a smile on my face, and the bags – well let’s just say I am a slave to fashion so have racked up a few – but even I was sceptical to see how they could better the Alexa bag, until that was, I saw the new Tillie.

The new style, which is in stores and online now, will – I know – be another instant hit due to the colours chosen and practicality.

Tillie’s stand-out trait is her luxe, heavy trompe l’oeil closure; a solid metal piece engraved with outlines of a belt buckle, creating a new hardware signature. Additional detailing comes in the shape of D-rings, rivets and buckle-strapped handles, infusing this fresh new family with tons of quintessential Mulberry DNA.

There are several different styles including the now iconic satchels, hobo style bag and totes, which all come in a variety of shades including shimmering sparkle tweed in powder beige, luxuriously soft hair-calf in light peach, and black and chestnut all in soft leather. New style shapes and textures include the hand-cut silky Snake print, washed denim and plush Bengal Tiger with rucksack and drawstring shoulder bag options.

With these fantastic shades, and new design for summer – which will of course match everything in your wardrobe(!) – I, for one, will be forming an orderly queue asap…

Tillie Mulberry bag is now available in stores or shop online at


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