Asos to launch transactional store on Facebook

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Online fashion e-tailer Asos has annouced this week that it is set to launch a transactional fashion shop to go live on Facebook tomorrow (January 27, 2011). The company will be the first in Europe to sell products via the social network, and are set to send Facebook into a viral spin after its surge in sales in the US.

Launched in 2000, Asos, or As Seen On Screen – as it was first known, has turned over huge profits every quarter, and even when Britain hit the slum of a recession, Asos were one fo the only online retailers still making large profits.

After the launch of its US website last October Asos sales increased rapidly to 267 per cent for the first quarter (up to December 31), which means that US sales increased by over double the amount of UK sales did when they first launched (initially started on around 100 per cent).

Asos have stated ‘that millions of its users already interact with its website through Facebook’, and attract over 11 million unique visitors per month.

James Hart, Asos’ e-commerce director, added: (Asos’) “Facebook Store will allow them to do this directly through Facebook.” So, in theory this will be a much more viable link for everyone…






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