Paris Haute Couture: Givenchy

Apologies for the delay in posting

A surprising all coloured collection from Ricardo Tisci for the Givenchy spring/summer haute couture show was favourable indeed to see. Gone were his usual trademark black hues and in instead was a palatable display of soft lilacs, creams and white with a splash or canary yellow an fuchsia pink.

The fabulous sculpted creations – some soft, some more structured – showed off his incredible talents and fuse of haute couture with industrial construction. His delicate dresses were so breathtakingly beautiful that you could imagine an array of rich clientele in them.

The collection was inspired by Japanese dancer Kazuo Ohno and the crane as a symbol of Asian art; but to me all I could imagine when I saw them was of amazingly crafted dresses that were adorned by Kim Cattrall and co-colleague in ‘Big Trouble In little China’. Cheesy film yes, but arty inspirational clothing even more so…

To view the collection click here


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