New York Fashion Week: Michael Kors, Halston and more…

They say what goes around comes around, and in this climate of difficult financial times, unemployment, cost of living and fuel on the up-and-up, it’s a major achievement for any fashion brand who makes it past its first year, let alone a decade.

So, welcome the high roller of fashion, aka Michael Kors, who celebrated his 30th year in the business today at New York Fashion Week by showing his latest collection for autumn/winter 2011. I, for one, was cheering his achievement on. His collection was clean and classic, as always, with neutral colours and a dash of silver to ignite his detailed evening gowns; which were, of course, Oscar worthy.

And just as the as the world of fashion has also spent the last decade  ‘recycling’ boho and ‘new vintage’, it was also fabulous to see real-vintage brand  Halston having a ‘fashion moment’; being brought back from the depths of 1970s America by designer Marios Schwab. At the installation in New York, there was a definite nod to Halston’s original famed Studio 54 days, alongside fresher, slicker designs in purple, cream and soft brown hues with a fab mix of day and evening wear. As Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ boomed out across the room, all that seemed to be missing was Bianca Jagger and a white horse.

New York Fashion Week officially ends in a few hours after a day of designers such as Ralph Lauren showing on the catwalk, alongside fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and Son Jung Wan who streamed their live shows across the world via the internet. All that is left is for the likes of  A-lister, singer Gwen Stefani, to show her clothing line L.A.M.B on the runway.

An eclectic mix of designers in a city that never sleeps… Frank Sinatra would be proud.

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