London Fashion Week: Kinder Aggugini autumn/winter 2011 collection

Kinder Aguggini autumn/winter 11 collection

Kinder Aguggini autumn/winter 11 collection

The show took place in a beautiful venue in Grosvenor Gardens, the light airy space was a stark comparison to some of the crowded basements other designers chose to show their collections in.   As I walked up the grand marble staircases and past suspended purple orchids, Jefferson Hack strolled past to take his seat.

Also on the front row were singers Marina, of Marina and the Diamonds and Sharleen Spiteri.

As the intimate show begun, the models weaved in and out of the benches, in Kinder Aggugini’s beautiful collection entitled ‘Peggy’. Inspired by Pegggy Guggenheim, a flamboyous yet elegant woman, Kinder presented a mash-up of 50’s French couture and 80’s Japanese conceptual fashion. By fusing Modernism with contemporary technologies, Kinder used laser cutting, bonding and dip dyeing techniques on luxurious cashmere and silk.

As the models navigated their way round the catwalk, they wore deconstructed wool jackets, in black, yellow and red and later draped silk dresses which were held in place by beaded strips across the body, like glamorous harnesses.

The hair was perhaps the most amazing thing about the show, pony tails were pulled high off the models head, defying gravity and transparent hats in red, yellow and blue perched on the model’s heads and they wore glitter-covered heels in orange and blue.

The show was truly inspiring and when Kinder Aggugini showed his face at the end of the show, he received a well deserved round of applause.

View the Kinder Aggugini autumn/winter 11 collection here

By Vanessa Woodgate


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