Kate Middleton’s designer shows at London Fashion Week

As Kate Middleton’s chosen designer for ‘that’ engagement dress, Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel had all eyes upon her to see how her current autumn/winter 2011 collection would pan out.

She should not have been worried though, as Helayel went back to her archives to view what patterns and prints she had used over the last decade, and to help celebrate her 10th anniversary of showing Issa. The result was a ‘British-Brazilion’ mould were models came out in a funky explosion of prints and 70s inspired pieces. These ‘recyled’ patterns consisted of feathers, shells and animal patterns, with a spectrum of colours ranging from jeweled tones such as amber, cobalt, scarlet and emerald-green to monochrome shades.

Helayel also produced grecian style goddess gowns which are her usual signature pieces, and looked fab.

Middleton however was not front row. Instead the line up included model Yasmin Le Bon, who took to the runway to model the designs instead.


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