Markus Lupfer autumn/winter 2011 collection

During London Fashion Week it’s always nice to take five minutes out of the craziness and reflect on something new. So I was delighted when I was invited to Markus Lupfer’s autumn/winter 2011 presentation, which was held through a kaleidoscopic afternoon tea party, yesterday in the Billiard room at the Sanderson Hotel.

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Instead of viewing models on plinths, or plastic ones dressed as window dummies, Lupfer opted to style live models as they sat poised on a stage for all to see.

His cute collection of signature sequined jumpers (which spelled out ‘YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD TODAY’), red wool coat, and printed silk dresses were as cute as the scones and jam, cakes, champagne and Alice in Wonderland style miniature bottles (which were all tagged ‘Drink me’) that adorned the tables.

I can’t wait to see the collection in store and online…


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