Topshop Unique autumn/winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week

Topshop went barking mad this afternoon, as their Unique catwalk show sent Twitter into a dog-gawn friendly storm.

View the images here

As Cruella De Vil’s theme tune from 101 Dalmatians played alongside barking dogs for the start of the show, models flowed down the Unique autumn/winter 2011 catwalk at the Old Billingsgate venue.

Front row fans Alexa Chung and Nicola Roberts accompanied an array of stars to watch this remarkable occasion as a model opened wearing a black Dalmatian spotted fur coat. Models also adorned spotted noses and canine style hair (small bunches on either side) to reference man’s best friend. But the fun didn’t stop there; cute knitted jumpers embossed with white dogs and pvc red bows, and spot print gloves also played a part to the show, alongside sailor style silk dresses and fur throws. Silk monochrome greyhound print shirts and long leather maxi/pvc skirts also were on show as the collection gave a nod to the 1930s.

As Elvis’ ‘You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog’ played out the show, it was clear to see that Topshop boss Sir Philip Rose, is indeed, an animal lover at heart.

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