Julien Macdonald autumn/winter 2011 collection

You would be forgiven for having the pre-conception that Julien Macdonald would perhaps send a string of signature embellished evening dresses down the catwalk in fluro colours; but gone are the days of Paris Hilton strutting her stuff for the designer, and in are the dark new moods of the Welsh-born designer.

View the collection here

If you haven’t checked out his shows for a few seasons then this is what you are missing: McQueen-inspired evening gowns with intricate bodice’s and full pleated flowing skirts in cream and gold hues, lace and raw chiffon textured low-cut dresses with lilac tones and oversized leather jackets in navy/black with a cascade of bunched chiffon material.

Models appeared sombre with red lips and sleepless eyes – like vampire ladies of the night – and trotted along in suede and leather laced-up ankle and knee-high boots in tan and chocolate; with the latter having patches cut out over the knee. Fox fur was on show with stole’s highlighting tails.

This time his front row consisted of Marina Diamandis, Jaime Winstone, Sadie Frost, Melanie Blatt and Bianca Jagger; but it was his beautifully made dresses that was the stars of the show – they appeared like that of something from a whimsical fashion dream. Amazing.


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