Mary Katrantzou autumn/winter 2011 collection at LFW

As the final day of London Fashion Week drew to a close for women’s wear, the (fabulous) digital print demonstrator that is Mary Katrantzou got ready for her 9.45am roll call to show off her eagerly anticipated autumn/winter 2011/12 collection.

View the collection here

As you would expect there were plenty of clashing prints and bold colours, but the theme this time was drawn more towards an eastern Chinese style rather than the signature digital prints. Models dresses were structured with exaggerated shoulders and lamp shade-style skirts, and bodice’s that were intricatly fitted to the models shapes and sizes, but still displayed breathtakingly beautiful illustrations. These consisted of what I would call 80s china plates, or to be more specific, Meissen porcelain – Faberge eggs and ancient Corommandel screens.

Colours were bright and threw everything from one spectrum to another together. Purple hues, golds, creams and pale pieces stood out; along with thin mesh floral print long-sleeved tops worn under dresses and accessorised with matching tights. Clothes were layered together over trousers, jackets and skirts and gave a nod of appreciation as this once dress-making student (from Central Saint Martin’s) new collection now shone in the limelight.

Fabulous and fun, Mary Katrantzou is one to watch for the foreseeable future…


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