Joanne Hynes autumn/winter 2011 collection at LFW

You may not of heard of this Irish designer but mark my words come winter she’ll be set to dress the A-list elite.

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For autumn/winter 2011/12 Joanne Hynes decided to collaborate with artist Helen Steele to produce the ‘Les Guerriers’ collection. As their first project together the pair have created a collection that ‘supports freedom of expression within art and fashion, with both disciplines becoming one.’ What came out of the collaboration is a print effect worthy of Emin or Hurst, showing off the best of their ability as a team.

The clothes themselves ran from red velvet floor length gowns to black leather midi skirts and cropped biker jackets; fur stoles with oversized jewels and my personal favourite a fusion print dress with beaded collar, long sleeves and puffy undercoat.

Accessories consisted of jewelled pieces, large wooden sphere bamboo hats, wooden block and raffia wedge heeled boots and oversized wooden bangles.

Joanne Hynes is definitely one to watch for 2011.


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