Lady Gaga takes to the catwalk for Thierry Mugler’s autumn/winter 2011 show

Already this year pretty young Gaga has bagged an array of awards, hatched out of an egg – and reportedly been contacting her kooky ex beau, whilst apparently getting engaged to her current sweetheart, Luc Carl. So what next for the all-American temperamental pop star? Well, clearly fashion of course!

View the video here

Gaga’s latest coup came last night when she walked the Tierry Mugler catwalk show for designer Nicola Formichetti’s womenswear debut. Looking  slightly worse for wear – and seemingly to being held at one point – Gaga paraded down the room with her hands held above her head. But to Formichetti’s praise he worked in futuristic designs with sci-fi and alien inspired make-up: pink-Latex and skin-tight pieces were the look of the night with pencil skirts, and as Gaga took to the stage for her finale all eyes were on her foot-high platform heels and Gothic 20ft white train. Hair stylist Sam McKnight worked in a 3ft platinum pony tail along with stark black fringe.

Formichetti, who is also Gaga’s personal stylist, is responsible for many of Gaga’s most memorable outfits such as the ‘Meat Dress’, and has also won the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator at the British Fashion Awards in London in December. As the new creative director for Tierry Mugler took his bow, with Gaga in tow, we were all wondering where it would go from here…


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