“No show” for designer Christophe Decarni at Balmain autumn/winter 2011 collection

It must be extremely pressing and incredibly long hours when working on your collection a few days before you are due to show at Paris Fashion Week, but usually even if the designers for major fashion houses have worked through the night they are always there to take their (shattered) bow at end of the show. So, it was with great surprise that Christophe Decarn, Artistic Director at Balmain did not even show up for his show, let alone take a bow for all his incredibly hard work.

“He’s tired, after working on the collection,” motioned M. Alain Hivelin – owner of Balmain. “He’s just tired. He didn’t go to bed until 5am. He’s not here, he’s resting,” it was again stressed. Well, no-shows may be passé in France but here in England he probably would have been condemned – or hunted down – by UK press.

However, with or without misour Decarn the show went on and we’re glad it did, as beautifully intricate dresses, jackets and skirts adorned the catwalk – mirrored pieces, crochet and gob-stopper jewels, all reminiscent of 80s power and 90s grunge at the same time. Other signature pieces included baggy racer-style vests with huge shoulder detailing and stark black sleeveless jacket-tops with trousers. Fur coats and gold lame suits were also on show, but the pièce de résistance came at end of show came with chain mail detailing on a selection of clothing – practical no, but stylish and adorable none-the-less. Balmain at it’s best.


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