Sarah Burton of McQueen to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

Alexander McQueen's logo in London

Image via Wikipedia

Announced on ITN’s News at Ten yesterday evening it was stated that fashion designer Sarah Burton was to create Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress for her Royal Wedding this coming spring.

In little over a month (April 29th, 2011) Ms Middleton will walk down the aisle and marry Prince William, and not since the Diana – Prince Charles wedding has such controversy or delight been roused in the UK press.

Catherine and William have chosen to forego quite a few Royal traditions such as one wedding dress (supposedly) and changing Prince Harry’s position as a ‘Supporter’ to a more modern ‘Best Man’ role. So, as they to are moving with the times it seems fitting that Ms Middleton has chosen an ‘out-of-the-box’ designer such as McQueen; and with the late ‘Lee’ Alexander McQueen unfortunately no longer with us it seems again quite poignant that Sarah Burton his predecessor, friend, and confidant, be there on hand to design the dress as McQueen’s creative director.

However, amid the rumours, the house of McQueen are still fiercely denying having won this commission. But this would make sense as the details are being sworn to secrecy as the chosen couturier has already been working on the dress inside Buckingham Palace.

It would be a smart move for Burton, 36, to have designed the dress though. As a relatively unknown designer it would show that Ms Middleton is nurturing new talent, as did Diana, Princess of Wales, and would put British dress-making front stage and centre on the fashion map once more.

Let’s just watch this space for further news…



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