Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell make a comeback for Louis Vuitton

It seems even if you are rich, all you want to do is slum it with the lower class; so with that in mind designer Marc Jacob’s take on Louis Vuitton’s autumn/winter 2011/12 catwalk collection was based around bellboys and sexy maids.

The models – all 67 of them – were summoned onto stage via four gilded elevators, with the doors held open by bellboys; naturally. Dressed for service in oversized waiters coats, doorman’s outfits, caps, S&M and French maid inspired pieces the models strode the catwalk like they were ready for service – but with LV stamped accessories on bucket bags and platform rubber wellies, this fetish was clearly anyone’s for the taking.

The palette ranged from greys, plum purples and monochrome pieces to flashes of pillar box red, mustard and deep green.

Barely unrecognisable due to her doorman cap, Naomi Campbell, 40, walked the catwalk in a sweater and skirt combo, whilst Moss – ever the show-stopper – ended the show in her usual rebel way by riding to the top of the elevator in a skimpy black body complete with fetish boots (with 13cm heels) and a mohair and Angora cardigan, puffing on a cigarette and adorning her famous Croydon face-lift pony; only this time with a little class and embellished headband to boot.


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