Essex Fashion Week vejazzles in the limelight

After a warm and welcoming reception from press (you know you ve made it when Tatler are on side), Essex Fashion Week got off to a slow start yesterday afternoon.

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As we sat drinking complimentary drinks and eating and drinking from champagne and chocolate fountains, we were soon called in to a large marquee tent at the Fairlop Waters Golf Club in Ilford, Essex; press sat either side a pristine white runway to view collects from New Look, Lé Chérie Boutique and One Off One You (the Ryan brothers own brand).

Collections were fresh, unique and defiantly a reflection on Essex style in the modern day – with not a white stiletto in sight. As men’s and womenswear was shown this was a clever selling point to all that will be attending, showing that the Ryan brothers are more than just pretty-boy faces, as they have obviously chosen their brands and marketing ploys with great skills.

Characters such as Lydia and Jessica from the hit show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ were on hand to model, looking fabulous, whilst Nana Pat looked on in delight from the front row and A-list celeb Jo Wood stood engaged from the back.

Adam and Simon Ryan (the events organisers) even did a spot of modelling themselves taking it all in their stride and playing up to the very fun, tongue in cheek aura that this event has, declaring to guests they wanted to show the world “what’s in, what’s bling and what needs vejazzling”!.

The event came across as slightly disorganised at times with long pauses in between catwalk shows and problems with the DJ stand, however, all in all this was a lot of fun and a great event to attend; which I would highly recommend to all.

On hand to entertain guests was football freestyler Jamie Lynch, who skills said it all. However cast member Lydia took time out to chat with press and have photos taken with fans. When I asked what was next for her and James  “ARG” she coily mentioned that she wanted a Mrs. Darcy to accompany her Mr. Darcy pig, and that her and James were ‘still looking’ for that perfect love nest to move into.

With the event continuing tomorrow and VIP guests such as Nick Knowles, Jessica Moor, Jeff Brazier, Simon Webb and Tamara Ecclestone in attendance, and nearly all of the TOWIE cast even arriving in helicopters, this is defiantly a day you don’t want to miss!

I’m just sad I didn’t get to hang around for James ‘ARG’ ‘s sing song…

To buy tickets to Essex Fashion Week click here


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