Kanye West launches a range of scarves

Kanye West

Image via Wikipedia

Oh how we have missed Kanye West.

The once potty-mouthed front-row fashionista, who originally shot to fame with a musical rapping career, (which seemed to span a lifetime –  and had the fashion credentials to boot ) lost it all in the blink of a drunken-Taylor-Swift-moment live on stage, shocking us all, and then disappearing off into the night like Batman to his Bat-Signal. And so, we thought he had gone out of our lives forever. But how wrong we were, as Kanye was just off doing another ‘ol internship (this time for Karl Lagerfeld-designed fashion house Fendi).

So, instead of keeping his word swearing he would never create a celebrity/fashion line after Linday Lohan’s efforts – ‘Did you not see the Lindsay and Ungaro collection? That was 9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that I thought: ‘Well I can’t do a line now’ – it seems that even the great Mr West can change his mind.

It is reported that Kanye’s new fashion line of scarves were inspired by the artwork from his last album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, where he collaborated with artist George Condo West, and has since been reworked by M/M art direction and graphic design duo Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag, who approached West themselves and wanted to ‘remix the artistic elements into a range of silk scarves pairing their baroque-style letters with [artist George] Condo’s images, such as a severed head wearing a crown and a naked sphinx straddling a likeness of West.”

The limited edition range is set to be sold exclusively at the Colette boutique in Paris, France and online at MMParis.com.

Maybe instead of playing the Blame Game, and being Lost In The World, Kanye has finally found his fashion-calling?

SOURCES: telegraph.co.uk/fashion; Nowness.com



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