Kate Middleton’s wedding make-up will be a DIY job

Kate and Wills

Image by JeanM1 via Flickr

It seems that with all the money in the world the latest Princess in waiting – Catherine Middleton – is rejecting offers from reputable make-up artists in the industry for the biggest day of her life to ‘do it oneself’.

According to reports on Elle.com, Middleton, 29, did a DIY job on her own make-up for the infamous engagement shots where she wore her uniform style of dark smokey eyes, flawless dewy skin and nude lips; which were shot by famous fashion photographer Mario Testino.

It seems the Palace have been rejecting requests from some of the industry’s most famed professionals – something that is causing quite a stir amongst the make-up coups, as with her hair choice for the day everyone knows that it will be James Pryce from Richard Ward attending to her every whim.

We realise in these economic times that we should all be tightening our belts, but surely the Palace are taking this a step too far, as this will undoubtedly draw in even more viewers than Price Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981, where over 750 million people worldwide tuned in. Would you take the chance?

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