The Royal Wedding: promo shoots

Kate and Wills

Image by JeanM1 via Flickr

So, firstly apologies for no blogging for the past few days; I myself have been caught up in the Royal Wedding bubble calling in, prepping and making sure I have everything I need for celebrities I am either styling, or helping to style for TV promo’s (such as the gorgeous and very down-to-earth, Amanda Byram) or making sure that stars such as Fearne Cotton have a fabulous range of a very amazing vintage jewellery brand to hand.

Yesterday, however, I was trawling around town with ITV (USA) who were filming Amanda Byram for TV promo’s of the Royal Wedding. This included a stint at milliners Lock & Co. trying on hats; finding the most fabulous cocktails at the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel (such as the Royal Blush), and then onto a wedding dress shop to talk to an expert wedding planner. Amanda will then go on to film several other promos before presenting alongside American male co-hosts live from the ITV studios next Friday for American channel TLC, bringing you – and America (this will be streamed live in Times Square) – the best coverage around on Wills & Kate’s forthcoming nuptials.

As that may be potentially defamatory or slanderous – others channels may well provide amazing coverage too(!) – then I would also like to exclusively reveal that Stylist-at-Large has also been asked to appear on TV, for news channel France24, to comment on Kate Middleton’s jewellery on the day – this will be between 10.30-11am so if you can live stream or pick the channel up on Sky, tune in and let me know what you think, as I am completely petrified of appearing and saying the wrong thing!

Lastly I met the most fabulous wedding expert yesterday – he has lots of inside news on the Royal Wedding day and what’s happening in and around Buckingham Palace. All will be revealed later…


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