Kate Middleton’s wedding dress: Kate to have 3 dresses made

As Royal Wedding fever hits an all time high, it seems that the latest news on the gossip mill is that Kate Middleton has had not one, but three wedding dresses made. A bit over the top you may think, but this is actually done just incase one is leaked to the press early, and then another one can be used to replace it.

So, who has been comissioned to design and make Kate’s dress? Well, apart from Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, and Bruce Oldfield, the latest name to drop into the hat is Sophie Cranston.

Cranston, 34,  a relatively unknown British designer – who now has her own fashion label – graduated from the University of Northumbria, and won the Student Collection of the Year award at Graduate Fashion Week in 1999. She then went on to work underneath Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley, and helped ferment the Temperley label, before moving to Spain, learning Flamenco, and establishing her own label, Libélula (which is Spanish for dragonfly).

Cranston’s designs to date are made up of vibrant, timeless and flattering shapes, and are worn by A-list stars such as Emma Watson, Tamara Eccleston, and Jerry Hall. However, Kate Middleton is no stranger to the brand, wearing an outfit from the Libélula label earlier this year at a Royal engagement.

This rumour of course has been cemented by Yvonne Yorke – the Huffington Post’s Royal Correspondent – who stated that she was “now ready to reveal information I first heard from my sources four months ago: Sophie Cranston of the Libélula label is believed to have won the coveted commission to make Catherine’s wedding dress.”

Let’s just hope if it is designer Sophie Cranston then she is poised and ready to be made into part of royal history, and a star overnight…


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