The Royal wedding: behind the scenes gossip and my TV debut for France24

Although the wedding of the century is well and truly over, it seems only fair I give you an up-to-date detailed ‘behinds the scenes’ encounter of how, as a stylist, my weeks leading up to the Royal Wedding actually went.

It all started a few months ago when I was approached by a friend at Golden Goose PR who wanted to put me in touch with a France24 reporter – Louise Hannah. They wanted me to comment on Princess Catherine’s attire and jewellery on the big day, which I was obviously more than happy to do.

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Turned out as we encroached nearer the day that ITV were producing a streamline of VT’s, live shows and vox pops for TLC America – a lifestyle channel. I was asked by the lovely Fashion Director at Celebs on Sunday, Annabel Kerman, to then style her client Amanda Byram whilst she was away. These were for simple VT adverts to run on the channel in the build up to the big day, in which Amanda, of course, looked fantastic – you could put a bin bag on her though and she’d still look amazing!

Several VT days later and we were set for studio rehearsals. This time Amanda – who is well-known for her Total Wipeout and Big Breakfast days – was accompanied by fellow Brit, Australian and American hosts Clinton Kelly, Monte Durham, Karl Schmidt & Kiri Bloore. Whilst Annabel was back on the A-Team from her hols, along with make-up artists to the stars Lisa Stokes ( ), who had also been on hand throughout keeping us all sane.

As the big day drew nearer we were all working 11+ hour days making sure the live shows went to plan. So, come Friday 29th April 2011, after 4 hours sleep and returning from the studios on Southbank the night before, I was again seen crawling back into a cab to hit work. Steaming, dressing and generally being a wardrobe wizard at 6am I was feeling the hype for the morning of the Royal Wedding. The only thing I really had to worry about my was my TV debut… Eek.

Luckily, as Amanda – in a stunning yellow MaxMara shift dress – and Clinton – in his fabulous checked suit – hit the studio for rehearsals at 9.30am, I was already half way to Buckingham Palace, where the media centre had set up camp for the week. My lovely assistant for the day Gemma Russo-Walsh had stepped in to watch over Clinton, and Lisa had made me look extremely decent by covering up the bags under my eyes – which were bigger than Primark’s in a sale.

All I had left to do was fight my way through the crowds, and stupidly I thought I could do that. Over an hour later, and five route changes, I had managed to sneak past some busy policemen at Green Park who were holding crowds back from entering the park. I managed to finally get into the media compound that stood as a huge backdrop to the Mall and Buckingham Palace with thousands and thousands of people cheering, singing and being generally ecstatic due to the situation.

Once prepped I was taken through to a cube pod where I was told to wait until Louise had interview designer Melissa Odabash and Hatter Dan from Laird & Co, preparing to take my turn in front of 30 million people. Deep breaths. Now, for those who know me, and my broad south London accent, what ensued was a bit of a shock, as through stage fright – and the presenter changing questions around – I proceeded to perform with a posh twang to one’s voice! Nerves can do a lot to you when under pressure. So for the rest of this statement I would just like to add that I can only apologise, and if I am EVER asked back on TV again promise to return to my usual voice.

Anyway, apart from the amazing make-up, the fabulous girls at Temperley loaned me an amazing dress, which was swiftly recalled for a celebrity who wanted to wear it to the actual wedding! but they then sent two very fabulous dresses; alas they were too dark so I opted for a simple silver Karen Millen fitted dress instead with some fabulous Robinson Pelham jewels, which as we know was the Middleton’s jewellery of choice on the day also. Apart from those lovely people I’d also like to thank Jane Stacey, TONI&GUY’s International Technical Director for making my hair look fabulous.

After my five minutes of regrettably posh stuffed up fame, I then winced back to ITV Southbank where the A-Team then continued to work the rest of the Royal Wedding show, finishing at around 5.30pm.

It was fun, and great to be part of something historic; but, whoever said a life of a stylist is easy, has not lived these past two weeks….

NB Huge apologies to all those at, as France24 went with a made up title for me after I had told them I was freelance. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone… 


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