TOWIE latest: Lydia back with ‘ARG’

Yesterday evening we waved goodbye to our illiterate friends on TOWIE: sad times. But no sooner are they gone Stylist-at-large can actually reveal exactly what has been happening behind the scenes. Wel jel? You should be.

Model Rob Mead at Essex Fashion Week

Model Rob Mead at Essex Fashion Week

So, for a recap on Sunday night we saw Lydia bumping into apparent stranger, hunky Rob Mead. But hang on, I thought, haven’t I seen him before? and then the penny dropped…

Last night’s episode – the last of the series – we then saw ARG pour his heart out to Lydia stating ‘we will get back together’, whilst she paraded round with hunky model Mead to try to get his back up, in a bid to move on.

Did it work? Well, no. As Denise Van Outen clearly states at the beginning of the show,

“The tans you might see are fake, but the people are all real, although some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment.”

Bingo. This has been set up purely for entertainment, and as a TOWIE fan, one is not amused.

As above I knew I had seen Rob before, and as the image shows I have the proof when he modelled for shows during Essex Fashion Week back in March. This shows that he actually knew Lydia before and this was completely staged. As we know TOWIE is filmed in advance and then re-played replicating special events in generic situations, such as Fireworks night, and the Royal Wedding, where there were no talks of Kate’s dress or the whole day, even though it aired the day after.

So, back to Rob and Lydia. After I remembered seeing Rob model at EFW, I also remember a long conversation I had with Lydia afterwards, which I also blogged about. When asked what’s next for her and James, the answer came naturally, ‘we are still looking to move out together, me and James and very happy…’, then she added, ‘and we’re looking for another pig for Mr.Darcy’. Really? When you’re not apparently together?

Case solved. So, faster than you can say ‘No carbs before Marbs’, I bet you they’ll be back together (although I doubt they ever really split up) at the start of the new series come autumn.

Confused, I sure am.


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