Brand new skin and haircare for spring/summer 2011

With weather steadily keeping afloat with sunshine, it seems we are officially into spring, which means BBQ season, events such as The Epsom Derby, picnics in the park and, of course, a new beauty regime.

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Of course every beauty follower knows that every month your skin changes and adapts to its surroundings (a bit like a 30-day cycle). Hence in winter your skin will chap, crack and dry up and in summer you might be more prone to outbreaks of spots, due to the sun making your sweat, or dry patches where your skin is dehydrated. So, what to do? Well I would advise always before buying new products to speak with the consultants at the counters and make sure that they suit your skin tone. But for a speedier option I’ve hand-picked the best NEW beauty buys out there for all…


It is always important to make sure you cover up your skin in the sun. Dependant on your skin tone this will affect how dark, or light(!), your sun tan will be, and even if you do go darker than a Brazilian Bongo drum you’ll still need to add SPF.

Best buys are always products such as Boots Soltan and Garnier Ambre Solaire, as they have a 5* UVA rating and are gentle on the skin; however, some other lotions can be thick and messy, so this season old retro brands such as P20, Piz Buin and St Tropez are making a welcomed comeback.

P20 has now launched a factor 10 into its collection, comes in an oil form and lasts ALL DAY – so no need for top ups. Its non-greasy formula adapts and sinks straight into skin so excess oil mess (P20 SPF from £13.23 for 100ml;

For a lighter approach to suntan lotion why not try Piz Buin’s new range. Their Ultra Light Sun Spray (£14.29) contains advanced UVA/UVB filters to provide broad spectrum, photostable protection from the sun; has a new sun filter combination and formula that is less sticky but doesn’t compromise on protection, and contains a combination of moisturising ingredients including glycerine and butylene glycol to help maintain hydration during sun exposure.

St.Tropez on the other hand have just launched their first ever high-performance sun care line, which basically is a daily cream made up of Muru Muru butter, Vitamin E and Raspberry Seed Oil and works as tan enhancer with a hint of self tan and added protection from UVA / UVB rays all your round. The range also includes an aftersun lotion (SPF20 from £20 per 150ml;‐


As mentioned above your skin changes monthly, so with that in mind you need to be gentle with your daily routine, as excess sun damage can result in bad long-term effects.

Clarins have just launched a brand new UV PLUS HP Teinted version which, in lamens terms, means a fabulous tinted face moisturiser in SPF40. Suitable for all skin types this lightweight formula adapts protecting your skin from sun and pollution and uses antioxidants to stop the ageing process. Genius. (£29.50 for 30ml).

For eyes which are sensitive and require saving from the sun why not opt in for Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Cream SPF15 (£41; available from Harvey Nichols and Liberty) . Formulated to protect your eyes, this richly textured eye crème renews your delicate skin area with Omega 3 extracts, whilst also nourishing and hydrating the soft skin to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Added micro algae and tri-peptide 5 strengthen and firm for total age-defying results.

However, for evening rejuvenation why not try Montagne Jeunesse Tropical Peel Off tottle (£5.10); this truly tangy face peel is the ultimate revitalizing and cleansing masque for your skin after a hard day at work. The bottle lasts for up to 10 applications and is available from


Apart from your skin one of the biggest parts of your body to suffer is your hair. Coloured hair gets damaged quicker due to UV rays breaking down the hairs structure, just as it does with skin. It targets amino acids – the building of protein – which your hair is made up of, and destroys all the shine and strength. Nasty, right? So, to avoid weaker, duller and less full-bodied hair you need to get hair-wise now.

Before you hit your hols, or even with our latest weather in the UK, start to protect your locks. Kérastase’s new Huile Céleste (£18.30) is amazing for this. The protective oil maintains shine and protection and works on three levels to fight UVA/UVB rays, plus producing a dazzling shine that lasts.

When abroad and planning to hit the sea/swimming pool why not try Redken’s new Colour Extended Sun Water (£15.99). This water-resistant treatment defends sun-exposed tresses leaving hair with a natural look and feel, working as an invisible barrier to help shield colour and highlighted hair from water and sun damage (0800 085 4956;

Afterwards use Biolage Sunsorials After-sun shampoo (£8.95) which works as an intensive moisturising shampoo that removes sea salt and chlorine without stripping the hair, restoring hydration and shine, leaving hair soft and silky.

Finish off with Melvita Hair Mask (£18.00 for 125ml;, which intensely repairs and revitalises hair restoring shine and vitality; and your ready to go. All that’s left is to pack the perfect bikini…


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