Kate Middleton crashes REISS website

It seems the Duchess of Cambridge can do no wrong.

The Duchess of Cambridge in REISS, Prince William, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

The Duchess of Cambridge in REISS, Prince William, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Fresh back from her honeymoon with Prince William, she was positively  glowing and bronzed on her first official engagement to meet the US President Barack Obama and his wife, the First Lady, Michelle. But no sooner had she stepped in the room the press call photographers swamped them with photographs which were then quickly uploaded to the web. Moments later it was announced that Kate was, in fact, wearing yet another REISS creation – this time the SHOLA dress.

Since that moment REISS have been fighting back their switchboards offering both UK and US contacts to try to help consumers get their hands on their perfect size. The website crashed almost instantaneously, following with at least 3 more crashes in under 24 hours. At one point the company were selling a dress a minute and have seen their fan base grow by 11%.

This isn’t the first time however that Kate has sent REISS into pandemonium. When her engagement pictures were shot last year, the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino, allegedly helped her pick out the cream origami effect shift dress which then meant -as it was a frugal buy years before – that REISS had to reinstate the dress into their – then current – autumn/winter collection due to popular demand.

It seems that now, no matter what the Duchess choses to wear, just like Princess Diana herself, she will forever be a style icon…


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