XFactor latest: Simon Cowell sacks Cheryl Cole from U.S. show


Image by rustyallie via Flickr

It seems her championing mentor Simon Cowell has done a complete 360 on Cheryl Cole. Just months after he gushed over ‘America falling in love with her’, he has taken back his words – and his job  – advocating ex-Pussy Cat, and solo artist Nicole Scherzinger as head judge on the U.S. panel of the X Factor.

The drop was said to have come for two reason’s, mainly because he feared that the American audiences were not engaging and understanding of Cole’s Geordie accent very well, but secondly because their seemed to be no real ‘chemistry’ between the females in the team; namely Cole and Paula Abdul.

This must come as a complete blow to Cole as not only had Cowell pushed for her to move to L.A. and be in the line up for his judging team, but after her year in turmoil (her divorce and malaria scare) she must be left reeling by the result.

So what is to come of Cole? Of course audiences would love to see her back on the U.K. show, but this may not be a possibility since N-Dubz singer Tulisa has already been lined up to take her part.

And what of Steve Jones? His co-presenter status may also be up in the air, as if the U.S. cannot understand a northern lass, then how on earth will they understand the Welsh? Hmm, I would not like to be Simon Cowell right now…


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