Watches: Celebrity ‘Boyfriend’ watches

Do you remember back in the early 00’s when velour tracksuits hit our high streets, the orange tan phase started (or regenerated – depending on how old you are), and everyone wanted to dress boho-chic like Sienna Miller? Well, around that time there was another style movement happening; bling.

Whilst JLo was singing about how many ‘rocks’ she had in her block, celebrities worth their salt were making rad purchases, and none more extravagant than David Beckham and his watch collection. At the time Becks was playing for Real Madrid in Spain, earning over a £100,000 per week and notoriously brought himself a diamond encrusted Jacob & Co watch, which had a cult celeb following for stars such as P.Diddy. Then in 2004 Beckham and George Clooney both posed for Police to advertise their range of watches. But more than this, he started a trend for all oversized bling watches which then filtered down into even the cheapest high street store chains, making them accessible to women and hence becoming known as ‘the boyfriend watch’.

Since then boyfriend watches have sold in billions, and notably become more and more popular since the launch of Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors rose gold collections last year. This season their latest spring/summer ranges are so popular that every fashionista worth their weight are adorning them. So I’ve picked out the 5 best ones on the market for you to lust after. Team with nude tailoring at work, or with a preppy shift and canvas trainers for sunny days by the beach…

Happy shopping.


2 thoughts on “Watches: Celebrity ‘Boyfriend’ watches

  1. Sarah Beresford says:

    Really liking the chunky boyfriend watch style at the moment, kept borrowing my boyfs though which didnt go down well so now I bought my own! I loved the Marc Jacobs watch, so I bought one in purple as I wanted a bit of colour on my wrist 😉

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