For the best night out head to Regent Street

Where do I start.

This weekend I was celebrating my birthday (yes, 21 again). But deciding where to go with the girls for a fun packed night out was hard. Did we stay local, have a cocktail night in, or head into the heart of the London capital for a well deserved night out: obviously I chose the latter!

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So, where should we begin. Well, if you have never ventured into central London then picking a venue can be hard. Luckily I have been partying my way around town for a while, so without hitting the same old haunts we wanted to try somewhere new. First stop was the glorious Santctum Hotel Roof Terrace; yes the weather was damp to say the least, but in their defence they have an amazing gazebos style area and we were covered at all angles from the monsoon!

After purchasing some well needed post work cocktails, Bobby and I headed up the shopping mecca of central London to Heddon Street, to meet up with the rest of the gang (Sexy Ruse and Vicky Eyes) for dinner and to carry on the evening.

On my way there the best thing I have noticed about Regent Street was – not only the amazing shops and the fact that they are open extremely late but, – the ambience. There you turn into a little ‘lost’ corridor that links from the outside world into Heddon Street (blink and you’d miss it) as you walk by. But when you know it’s there, on a lovely summer’s evening, when its all lit up like Christmas, it can be the most amazing place to hang out. So that’s exactly what we did and headed straight to vegetarian restaurant Tibits.

Now, to those that may seem dubious, just like I was about dining out at a vegetarian restaurant, don’t be. This place is a haven for great food and boasts A-list celebrity clients such as Neve Campbell, Leona Lewis, Beverley Knight, Bianca Jagger and more. The system is simple; you go to the buffet boat, take a selection of cold and hot food, the go to the bar, it gets weighed, and you pay per cost of your plate (drinks are extra). Genius. You can view it online at, however the website itself does not do it justice.

The ambience is fantastic and the decor sublime with candlelight and crystal chandeliers in a vibrant bubbly space. If you book, ask either to be seated by the window in the corner, so you can watch the world pass by, or downstairs to soak up the space: the staff are so friendly and helpful that even Mary Portas would be singing their praises. And the best thing about the place is that no one rushes you; if you want to spend 4 hours having a three-course meal and catching up with friends you can, or  even if you are after a super quick bite to eat this place is for you.

As we sat at the corner of Tibits I could see on the horizon that the ICEBAR was calling. That was our next stop and going from one extreme to the other seemed only fair after a few Mojitos. So, in true Sex And The City style my friends and I finished up and headed straight over. The queue was long but if you book in advance that won’t concern you, however, according to my friends the bouncer/doorman/iPad-carrying-boss alone was worth paying the money to go inside!

As we headed in and gave our name to the receptionist we were handed vouchers which we were told we could exchange for drinks when inside. We were then ushered straight ahead to a cloakroom where two workers told us to hold our arms out whilst they threw a fur-lined plastic poncho over our heads. Resembling a Smurf I happily agree, although unsure of where to place my Loopy Leopard Bayswater Mulberry bag they insisted we take all possessions in with us. -5 temperature + expensive Mulberry bag = confused journo. Was my bag going to freeze? No time to think as the countdown was already ticking and we had just under 40 minutes to enjoy the cold.

As we entered the purpose-built ice room we were amazed. Block and cubes of ice were everywhere, even the bar was completely see through: it was fantastic; a bit like if you wanted to walk through the wardrobe and go into Narnia, but in a more grown up style (with alcohol). This was one of those out of world experiences and bearing in mind you are placed into a basic room with a handful of random tourists and locals, this was a pretty good deal at just £14 a head.

Adjusting to the climate was easy although your fingers do freeze up slightly after a while, but the drinks, which are served in actual ice cubes, are a quirky alternative to cups and more fun to try. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but were happy to leave after the designated time due to pins and needles setting in on our toes (not advised to wear open toed heels there!). When stepping out there is a restaurant on site and a normal heated bar, so you can stay for a few drinks after. We opted to head back out onto Heddon Street and into the Living Rooms to finish off our fab night out, dancing and singing the night away.

What more could a girl ask for on her birthday weekend? Fun, fantastic food and an amazing experience. If I were you, I’d be booking up now for a great night out…

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