Balmain launches hair care range

Fashion’s most recognisable haute couture house has just launched out. 

That’s right, the house of Balmain – who were responsible for ‘that’ silver shoulder pad dress Kate Moss adorned, and high street giants followed quickly up with, have just launched their very own hair care range in the UK. 

Balmain hair care range

Balmain hair care range

Aimed at the luxury end of the market the launch encompasses eight initial products which are split into two different types of ranges: System Volume Nutrition Intense and System Volume Hydrant, which can work together to be hypoallergenic with gentle formulas to stimulate the natural growth of hair and neutralise the damaging effects of heat and sunlight. 

Celebrity fans of the Balmain brand already include Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Kylie Minogue, and Victoria Beckham. 

Prices start from £29 and can be found at; all products are available from exclusive hairdressers and flagship stores throughout the UK.


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