Beyonce pregnant at VMAs


Image via Wikipedia

As news broke over the weekend on Twitter that our two favourite hip hop singers/rappers Beyonce and Jay Z were about to become parents the world couldn’t have been happier, then Bey stepped out at the MTV Video Music Awards strutting her stuff, singing and dancing to “Love on Top” we couldn’t help but sigh ‘ahhhh’, as at the end of her performance she opened her jacket and rubbed her belly; camera’s then panned to Jay Z who was being congratulated by P Diddy et al.

Apart from Beyonce’s breaking news there was also an array of talent and fashion faux pas shown on the night. Katy Perry may have scooped a coveted Moonman award in a sweet candy floss pink top and 80s retro skirt but her canary yellow cube hat unfortunately stole the show instead. Then there was Lady Gaga, hot on her heels, who picked up a few awards that included Best Female and Best Video With a Message; Gaga clearly sending her own message though as she dressed up in drag to pretend kiss Britney on stage.

Our fav female Brit Adele showed the way belting out a powerful tune and winning a  whopping four awards for Best Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

Beyonce, however, who also won a VMA award for Best Choreography, will have to tone it down somewhat now as she goes heads into second trimester of pregnancy….


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