London Fashion Week: Ashish spring/summer 2012 collection

For spring/summer 2012 Indian-born designer Ashish Gupta (or Ashish as he is known in the fashion trade) produced a quirky floral interpretation with a gardener’s daughter as his muse.
Ashish spring/summer 2012 collection

Ashish spring/summer 2012 collection

Despite wearing more flowers than a herbaceous border the collection itself created a huge buzz round the fashion elite alongside social networking site Twitter. Shapes were simple but designs strong bringing out the best of the summer sun in an array of  shorts, sweats and shifts, each one decorated with prize-winning specimens.
Blowsy roses on a battered straw fedoras were teamed with sequined sunflowers that’ Van Gough would give a second ear to paint.’
Each flower came with its own graphic backdrop, from the sun-warmed bricks of the walled garden to the dappled shade on the lawn at twilight. Oriental poppies emblazoned baggy jeans, along with French marigolds on crisp cotton shirts to a floral display either stamped to, or hanging out of the models Dr.Martin shoes – the choice for all the models in this show.
Models hair was either teased through to look like they had spent the night in the garden or entwined with fish and normal plaits whilst make up was dark and sultry with dark plum lips and sleepy eyes.

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