London Fashion Week: GILES spring/summer 2011 collection


Over the past 5 days or so I have spent a lot of time with the TONI&GUY PR team heading back stage at shows casting a watchful eye not only over emerging fashion trends, but also spotting trends for hair and make-up for spring/summer 2012.

I was therefore lucky enough to go back stage again with them at GILES, one of this season’s most anticipated shows for London Fashion Week.

Joining Paul Hanlan, who was heading the TONI&GUY team, at the Royal Justice Courts on the strand, one of his colleagues explained that for GILES’ spring/summer show they had actually met the day before to do a hair test with the models and one of them turned up after a long flight from New York, had a quick shower then emerged at the meet with soaking wet hair all pinned up in small twisted buns. When she took her hair down it produced an amazing wave, which when Stylist Katie Grand saw, was convinced was the right hair for this show instantly.

Therefore to achieve this beachy yet wet wave the team simply washed the model’s hair added lots of label.m protein spray and blow out spray – amongst other products – and either held it in a bun for a while before releasing, or teased through the hair with their fingers to create this organic and elasticated effect. Some hair was slightly defused also depending on type.

The aim was simple to keep hair to a minimum and let the clothes do the talking. GILES, of course, did not disappoint. For his spring/summer 2012 collection he showed an array of wearable and desirable pieces, almost couture-like in his construction.

Metallics also played a key role being woven into tops, skirts and dresses with soft prints adorned across silk dresses in cream, white and pale peach.

His palette also changed to vibrant reds and blacks, using lace and amazingly intricate cut out pieces on top of dresses sprawled across the chest and breast bone. Swans were also a major factor being embellished on sheer organza dresses adding red feathers around the neckline.

It seems that this season GILES was going all out finishing with an abundance of models who wore fabulous red and white swan headdresses to accompany his vivacious designs. As the models took to the catwalk for their finale together they all lined up and poised, posing with their arms flanked against their heads which gave the interpretation of a tribute to something as gracious as Swan Lake.

Thank you Team TONI&GUY!


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