Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Spring/Summer 2012 review

Designer Alber Elbaz created an unusually dark and gothic collection for Lanvin’s spring/summer 2012 range, adding drama and suspense throughout.

Heavy metal music crashed around the show space whilst fashion editor’s wilted in the heat, but alongside the darkness came Lanvin’s light, and Elbaz’s creations were still just as desirable and wearable as ever.

Dark soft metallic moss-green hues adorned pencil skirts and were paired with silk tan and rose-coloured tops complete with dresses that were sliced around the rib cage and thigh. Elbaz also added in statement and signature organza cowel neck tops creating bold shapes throughout.

Petrol blue and monochrome pieces were also incorporated with sharp tailoring and mid length coats as well as soft silk oversized three-quarter length tuxedo jackets in coffee and dusky pink tones. Some outfits were matched – such as cigarette style pants and jumpers – whilst others were statement pieces of their own (the embellished evening wear).

Towards the end of the show models started to wear large pearl and jewel encrusted crucifix necklaces alongside a combination of neon green swirl printed outfits.

Elbaz however, ended the show creating an illusion of dark vampire goddess’ as models switched to black, green, citrine and turquoise blue evening dresses in silk, which were wrapped perfectly around their bodies. This was completed by a selection of sheer chiffon see-through gowns that were gathered on top and cinched in at the waist creating a skirt that almost floating in the night-light as the models paraded down the catwalk.


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