Yves Saint Laurent celebrates 25 years of the Tuxedo with Touche Éclat

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent – whom brought us the innovative tuxedo jacket back in 1966 – has decided to launch a commemorative limited edition piece to help celebrate.

After Touche Éclat and Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty range was launched back in the early 1990s it has always been a true staple piece – just like the tuxedo – coining its own cult following.

Whilst Touche Éclat captures the quintessence of Yves Saint Laurent’s philosophy of complexion: natural radiance, it also conceals the wearer from under eye shadows and dark circles offering light fluidity and a brighter, more radiant glow to the skin.

Back in 1966 Yves Saint Laurent innovated women’s designs giving them the power and freedom to break the mould with his collections; allowing women to wear heels with trousers, trench-coats over their evening wear and created feminine creations with a masculine twist.

Launching the tuxedo later that year helped provide women with a classic masculine symbol in clothing, which was then reshaped for the modern woman. Quickly becoming a classic piece of tailoring and being reinvented each year – just like Touche Éclat.

The Touche Éclat ‘Tuxedo’ Collector Radiant Touch (Limited Edition) is priced at £25.00 and is available on make up counters nationwide.


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