Kate Moss snubs Victoria Beckham at The British Fashion Awards

English: Victoria Beckham in Düsseldorf for pr...

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It seems Posh has finally won her fashion peers over as she collected the Designer of the Year award at the annual British Fashion Awards on Monday evening, but the claws came out when it came to inner fashion sanctum between Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.

The run in came as Beckham chatted to designer Marc Jacobs at a pre-drinks soiree before the event, which was held at the swanky Savoy Hotel. According to a witness in The Metro ‘Victoria was talking with Marc in a special VIP area when Kate swanned in.

‘Kate announced her arrival with a big “he-llo!” Without so much as a word to Victoria, Kate walked straight up to Marc and took him away from her and turned her back on Posh in a clear snub.’ An apparent ‘mortified’-looking Beckham made a quick exit straight after.

Later that evening however it was Beckham that was cheered as she took to the stage, beating off fierce competition which included Stella McCartney and Tom Ford to win her prestigious award. We wonder whose laughing now…

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/883317-victoria-beckham-snubbed-by-kate-moss-at-british-fashion-awards#ixzz1fCWZ8bLO

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