Winter hats and warm accessories

This season it seems to be all about the hats. Faux fur, trapper, cossack, knitted alongside beret’s, beanies, fedora’s, Trilby’s and floppy hats; these head-warming pieces are a must-have for any daring fashionista.

Topshop Trapper Hat £18;

Topshop Trapper Hat £18;

So today, when braving the elements at Somerset House ice-rink I decided to make an impromptu stop off at Dorothy Perkins en-route. I had been spying up a brown/grey fox faux fur cossack hat (£16) but was unsure of its size against my child-like pea head. However, working in fashion nothing fazes a stylist – especially a crazy trend – so I brought it. To my delight it fitted snugly and although I received some alarming stares on the tube, I may dare say that this could be the hat of the (Christmas) season.

So, to help you on your way when picking out the perfect head-attire then why not firstly decide whether it’s for formal or everyday use? A jewel-toned fedora, as sported on the runway at Gucci for autumn/winter 2011/2012, is perfect for office day wear and parties, with stores such as selling a fantastic array.

However, for casual Sunday walks and daily styling why not opt for the faux fur trapper; these cute head pieces complete with pom poms and ties are perfect for the young at heart and have been seen in most stores with animal references; Topshop, H&M and all sell amazing versions for less than £20.

Lastly if you are more of a fashion introvert and like to keep your headgear to a minimum then try a basic knitted beanie, these will not only keep your head warm and cover your ears but can also be dressed up or down for any occasion…


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