Gordon Ramsay sends David and Victoria Beckham Christmas cooking guide

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010.

Image via Wikipedia

They are real life friends and their families have spent the past few Christmas’ together with their children playing happily, but this year David and Victoria Beckham will have to fend for themselves as culinary chef Gordon Ramsey takes an impromptu break to host a live cook-along on Channel 4 Christmas Day.

According to sources in the Mirror newspaper chef Ramsay, apparently not wanting to leave his close friends in the lurch, has provided alternative cover for himself in the form of a ‘fools guide to cooking’ which The Beckhams can follow at their leisure on Christmas morning. The guide explains how to master each section of the Christmas lunch and includes his own personal tips.

The source revealed that, ‘It’s really sad that the two families can’t spend Christmas together this year, not least because having Gordon oversee things in the kitchen always resulted in an incredible meal.

‘He and David have been talking about what they are going to do without him – so Gordon has drawn up a few pointers for them and it’s gone down a storm.’

Now back in the UK for Christmas the Beckhams will be spending quality family time at their secondary home in Sawbridge, Hertfordshire celebrating baby Harper’s first Christmas. Ramsay however, will be live on air at 10am Christmas morning to the nation showing us mere mortals how to master salmon parcels, create the perfect festive trifle and most importantly whether or not to stuff the turkey with clementines…

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