London Fashion Week: autumn/winter 2012/13 collections – Day 2 part 2

On Saturday to finish the day off Temperley London showed their Russian themed collection which consisted of oversized cossack hats, folk clothing, embroided pieces and ornamented designs. Materials were woven in rich colours with yarns of gold which could easily of harked back to the days of Catherine the Great or to another famous Russian Tsar.


Military style coats were also adorned with brass buttons whilst regal style brocades were used on day wear. For evening wear Temperley became more modern with long flowing backless gowns in navy and monochrome colours whilst a selection of gold sequin dresses set the collection off perfectly.

To add to the royal theme one of The Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite designers then followed on. Designer Daniella Issa Helayel then opted to follow on with a Trans-Sibierian Express collection which notably had a Russian theme also. Again some models adorned cossack hats in this collection but others came onto the runway with pristine brunette locks, not too dissimilar to Kate Middleton. There was also a slight nod to HRH Queen Elizabeth II in anticipation of her Diamond Jubilee as a few models wore printed headscarves in the same manner to which the Queen usually does on unofficial engagements. Aside from the bright pillar box red evening dresses in China red lace and 1920s flapper style dresses (both of which we could easily imagine The Duchess of Cambridge in) there was also a 1970s style vibe with dragon, lantern and Ming vase prints all adorned on skirts, all-in-ones, leggings and maxi dresses in red, navy, green, orange and turquoise blue.

To end the evening fashion designer Stella McCartney held a soiree for her latest collection hosting celebrity and fashion editor guests for a formal dinner which turned into an impromptu flash dance by a mob of models who were unsuspectedly sitting alongside guests at their tables. Before hand Stella had brought in a magician, who also amazed by hypnotizing presenter Alexa Chung to lie unsuspectedly on a bed of knives. Only in the fashion world would this ever happen…


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