George at ASDA launches ‘Be Seen In’ SS12 collection

This month sees the start of George at ASDA’s latest fashion range filtering straight into stores and online.

Fronted by brand director Fiona Lambert (who you may remember has been instrumental in taking the initiative to sponsor Graduate Fashion Week as well as launching the Barbara Hulanicki exclusive line for George amongst other projects) ‘Be Seen In’ is a brand new trend-led collection which delivers affordable fashion to the masses.

'Be Seen In' by George at ASDA

I caught up with Fiona herself at the launch who explained the thesis behind the collection. Launching with five different trends the spring/summer 2012 range will start to drop into stores and online at the end of this month following through until the end of July when High Summer fashion kicks in.  Throughout this period every four weeks a new ‘Be Seen In’ selection of items will be placed in store and online so all customers are aware of which key trends are apparent at that time and what key pieces they should literally want to ‘Be Seen In’.

Starting with prints, Fiona has chosen a selection of clothing that includes tribal (with neon flashes), tropical and conversational prints which can be worn as separates or clashed up together: all styles are fun and George have taken inspiration straight off the catwalks and edited down to a selection of astute pieces to suit all sizes and shapes.

The second trend Fiona was excited about were ‘bottom’ pieces; coloured skinny jeans, in a variety of lengths and shorts alongside a selection of prints on bottom halves such as harem pants, leggings and palazzo pants filtering into pencil skirts to make sure that “whatever shape or size you are there is a way of wearing them,” notes Fiona.

Moving on there was also a sectional trend on sports luxe which showcases important fabrics and hemlines alongside graphic tees with slogans and prints.

The fourth trend which was added in centred around colour with in-house designers using a rainbow spectrum from sea foam to jade and aqua, to pastel yellow and egg yolk hoping to help customers “refresh [their wardrobe] with some colour.” George launched their introductory colour skinny jeans at just £10 (usually £14) last week to show that they can still create great products “without compromising on quality [and offer] a 100-day guarantee.”

Lastly Fiona took inspiration from the royal family, namely Kate Middleton’s style but more importantly from the Queen noting that whilst ASDA have created patriotic flags and other memorabilia during her Diamond Jubilee year, Fiona also harked back to designs that the Queen herself wore back in the 1950s/1960s thus creating prom shape dresses which included vintage fabrics with lace prints, shimmer and sheen which are all seemingly on-trend for spring/summer 2012.

'Be Seen In' by George at ASDA

All 350 stores nationwide are set to sell the ‘Be Seen In’ collection as well as online, however with Fiona’s background in design and credibility of the brand and a team of 70 designers across mens, women’s and children’s wear we as a consumer can not only guarantee that by ASDA cutting out the middle man that George clothing will not only produce great quality but also low prices.

“We know where its [clothing] made and the quality, so we can deliver the value to customers,” adds Fiona.

“For me design is unique to your brand and important for us to be market leading, as George was the first supermarket range.

“[We are also] a great supporter of innovative fashion and having a customer empathy and trying to think of solutions for our body ranges such as the body sculpt projects.”

As well as selling clothing in-store Fiona also notes that it’s online that caters to the masses; “sales have risen online and [this is] a huge growth opportunity for us. 90million people shop at ASDA every week but not all stores have all the range, so the great thing about online is you have an infinite shop, and we can give more detail about designer collaborations which you cannot do in-store and hopefully makes us more accessible to a lot more people.”

For more information on the ‘Be Seen In’ range visit

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