Weekend Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

The staple pair of jeans always comes to the rescue whether it be for a dress down day at work, casual day out or evening dinner with friends; so this weekend instead of donning your favourite skinnies why not opt for the original dress down style with a pair of Boyfriend Jeans.

You may have guessed that the name is of course derived from partners stealing their ‘Boyfriend’s jeans’ which are usually looser fitted and more comfortable. The oversized slack jeans were usually teamed with a casual tee for a real 90s vibe. However, what you may not have noticed as that they’ve made a revival in recent months with celebs and fashion editors alike adorning their favourite pairs to work, dinner dates and casual weekends away: plus they’re also great due to the fact they don’t make your bum look big or skim your thighs too much.

For a work day vibe add strappy sandals and turn up the jeans; mix with a statement necklace and slouchy tee for a new season take. For the weekend add a lumberjack style shirt and pointed courts for casual dinner dates or rock with Converse for a chilled day out with the family. It’s really that simple…


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