New York Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2014 Beauty Trends

Aside from all the fabulous fashion collections that have adorned the catwalk’s this week at New York Fashion Week, editors were also taking note of the exciting emerging beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2014.

Making a huge impact at NYFW for next season was Revlon’s Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman who covered runways with fresh, vibrant and exciting new styles. For her latest venture at Oscar de la Renta, Gucci opted to focus “on a soft, super­‐glossy peach lip complimented by a subtle plum eye” (below left).

“The clothes in Oscar’s collection this season have a 50’s vibe that made me think of that kind of polished beauty that’s iconic and cool,” Gucci commented. “It’s not a precise, retro look but rather overall peach and coral tones paired with really luminous skin and a soft and subtle, purple and brown eye. I’m using a small powder brush to blend all three shades to be freer with the application.”

“Oscar always likes the models to have color on their cheeks and lips,” she added. “On the lips, I mixed several peach shades and topped it with a gloss, which is easy for everyone to wear. I’ve been wanting to do a glossy lip look since New York Fashion Week started; it’s been so long since we’ve done one.”

However, before hand this maestro of make-up had also created a series of enigmatic looks as well as creating a contrasting style for fashion house Assembly (above right). The look started with a minimalistic, beach inspired base that was given an edgy twist and pop of color for Assembly’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection, adding a playful bright summer vibe and style.

World-renowned cosmetic brand MAC were also on hand at a string of shows including Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Edun, Nicole Miller and Peter Som amongst others. For DVF’s latest summertime venture the look was simple yet solid with make-up artist James Kaliardos commenting that “It’s all about the little details… The girl is fresh from vacation in the Hamptons, so she doesn’t need make-up” as he created a mineralized matte look with hydrated skin tone and a hint of eye detail and lipglass.

Aaron de May also produced a strong make-up free look at Edun for MAC noting a “no make-up look… [It was] more about perfected skin. Flawless. Not to shiny, perfectly matte but natural.”

But as you can see this is only a faction of beauty trends from New York. I personally can’t wait to see what London produces for the next instalment of fashion month…




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