From Beach To Bar – Beara Beara Is The Perfect Holiday Essential

While heading abroad for a wedding recently I was stuck with that same old conundrum; what bag to pack for everyday use.

Beara Beara Juan Turquoise Bag, £68

When you fly its easy, you have a large suitcase (usually) and an even larger carry on bag – which fits everything you forgot to add in your suitcase! However, when you hit the tarmac in a foreign country and spend all day lazing by a pool – or, in my case looking after a toddler – you want a bag that you can carry all your essentials in without being big enough to block the sun.

Beara Beara Mochita Fuchsia Bag, £99

That’s why I was so impressed with Beara Beara. This brand new line of luxury leather accessories are perfect for everyday use while still giving off a stylish vibe. Their woven leather ‘Bambina’ backpacks, £72, (which are still heavily on trend for SS15) are great for heading on a day trip or act as a bottomless pit when heading to the beach, while still being chic enough to mould to any outfit. I particularly love their off-duty Ibizan style bucket bags which come in an array of bright summer hues including turquoise and fuchsia with handwoven elements.

Beara Beara Amora Mustard Bag, £91

The brand also houses an assortment of saddle, satchel and weekend bags – perfect for work and weekend retreats.

For more info on Beara Beara or to check up on all the latest fashion at then follow links below…

Twitter:  @BearaBeara / @shopa



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